IOL Reference is a website and iOS application created by Matt Hirabayashi MD and Gurpal Virdi MD that allows surgeons to quickly search for an FDA approved, currently marketed intraocular lenses (IOLs) that meet their needs and specifications. It is the only utility of its kind specific to surgeons in the United States. This resource also allows students and residents to learn more about the current lens options. IOL Reference is also part of the eyeSpace Ophthalmology iOS App.
     Additionally, this website will serve as an archive for storing high-quality and accurate information on IOLs for generations to come.
     The app database contains almost 10,000 individually cataloged lenses and is already continuously updated to include newly FDA approved IOLs, changes to current lenses, and corrections.
     Driven by a passion for education and refractive surgery, the two Mizzou ophthalmology residents are dedicated to created the best practical and educational tool possible.

Matt Hirabayashi MD Gurpal Virdi MD
matt hirabayashi MD

     IOL Reference and its parent iOS application eyeSpace are guided by an advisory board (see below) of world-class refractive and cornea surgeons that help direct features, tools, and the user experience to provide the most useful and practical interface possible.
    IOL Reference is appreciative of strong industry connections and support that help ensure we provide the most accurate and up to date data possible. To maintain a high ethical standard and remain neutral in our presentation of data, IOL Reference and its parent, eyeSpace, are an independent entities with no financial relationships to industry. The owners, Dr. Hirabayashi and Dr. Virdi, have no financial disclosures.

About the Creators

Matthew Hirabayashi, MD

Matthew Hirabayashi MD is a current ophthalmology resident planning to pursue a fellowship in refractive surgery.

Gurpal Virdi, MD

Gurpal Virdi MD is a Palo Alto native who graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. He is currently an ophthalmology resident.

IOL Reference is owned and operated by

Meet Our Advisory Board

Taj Nasser, MD

Dr. Nasser is a fellowship trained refractive surgeon practicing at Parkhurst Nuvision LASIK Eye Surgery. He is fluent in Spanish and dedicated to international surgical eye mission trips.

James Landreneau, MD

Dr. Landreneau is a fellowship trained cornea, cataract, and refractive surgeon. His passions include resident and fellow surgical training, myopia control, and the surgical treatment of keratoconus. He currently offers the full spectrum of refractive surgery options from LASIK and ICLs to the artificial iris.

Industry Support

While the IOL Reference platform and its creators maintain NO financial relationships, we are very grateful to representatives of the following entities for providing updated catalogs/spec sheets and ensuring high accuracy of the website and application. Members of industry are encouraged to contact matt@eyeflymd.com to submit corrections and updated materials to ensure this resource accurately reflects the current product line.

Charlie Green

Zach Johnson

Jennifer Chowaniec

Paul Ericson

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